Rejuvenate Landscape Design was established by Maureen Scheetz to provide land owners an environment that is in balance with nature. Maureen’s designs restore health and vigor to undeveloped land by applying sustainable solutions. Her artistic vision creates beautiful gardens that are functional, colorful and textural.

• Ecological and Artistic Landscapes
• Sustainable and Organic Practices
• On Site Landscape Consultations
• Architectural Sketches and Drawings
• Native and Ornamental Plants
• Pruning Advice and Demonstrations

Drawing from the natural environment,  I feel inspiration and purpose.  My goal is to balance the scientific with the artistic elements to create the best for the entire ecosystem.  Years of training in architecture, botany, forestry and soil science strengthen my design foundation. I believe that traveling in thirty countries has gifted me with a unique ability to visualize the spirit and potential of each landscape.